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Zengara Z30116 are executive style shoes which can be used with the dress or suite to get completely professional and bossy looks. These shoes have excellent built quality with the premium quality materials to give you ultimate wearing pleasure. The upper is made from the smooth leather which can be maintained and cleaned easily. The toe has the square bicycle style and it is dual seamed. This gives you excellent room for toe wiggle. The upper has the band on the top with the metallic detail on it giving these shoes executive looks. The upper also has the dual goring which allows easy on and off wearing along with secure and perfect fit. The outsole is made from the man-made material and it has flat traction. This outsole is durable and flexible. This style can be found in these colors: New Corrected Full Grain Black.



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Product Reviews

I have been wearing this shoe for several years. It used to be called "Bounce". Everytime I get a new pair I put them on and they feel like a comfortable "broken-in" shoe from day one. They run true to size in every way. They do not claim to be slip proof but I have never slipped in them and I have worn them on all kinds of floors under all kinds of conditions.
I have very bad knees and needed a walking shoe to absorb the impact from walking; this Bounce technology is fantastic! If I wear any other walking shoes or sneakers, my knees start to ache within an hour of walking around, but these Hush Puppies Upbeat are comfortable and my knees don't hurt when I wear them. They must truly absorb the impact of walking, saving my knees in the process. I highly recommend these.
I received my shoes at my job and was able to wear them right away. The next day I wore them for 10 hours straight and they were very comfortable. I did not have to break them in and if anything I found I was walking better once I had them on. I read the other reviews and that prompted me to buy them. I would recommend them and in fact have to some of the women I work with.
With lower back problems and being pre-diabetic, this shoe is spectacular! I've been wearing this walking shoe for 15+ years and cannot find another style/brand equal. The downside of this shoe is that the sole seems to wear out too quickly Otherwise, no complaint.
I've worn this product for years. It performs quite well but because I wear them at least 10 hours a day 5 - 7 days a week, one pair lasts about 3 - 4 months when the cushion mechanism disappears. Shoebuy.com provides excellent service and I really appreciate the discounts and free shipping!


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